Welcome to my blog Learn Grow Flourish, a place where I’m sharing what I’m learning from work, life and running.

What will you find here?  A bit of a mixed bag – which is much like me:

  • Lessons and tips about mental strength and growth mindset.
  • How to apply small tweaks to flourish.
  • Other insights on personal performance from my experience as a Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and ultra-marathon runner.
  • Definitely no perfection – I am proud not to be perfect as long as I am learning and growing.

While there are some references to my running, don’t panic if you’re not a runner.  This is not all about running.  However, many of my ideas/thoughts pop into my head when I’m running, and it is through my running that I have learnt so much about personal performance, mindset and flourishing.

I trust if you stay for a while and regularly visit, you will find some useful information to help you learn, grow, and flourish.